Not Even Close

GoDaddy and Wix offer simple page builders, but they’re designed for basic websites you have to create yourself. This might be okay if you already understand web design.

With Tiny Sites, I build your powerful website using WordPress, the world’s best content management system. You don’t have to become a web designer – I do the heavy lifting so you can focus on running your business.


You know your business better than anyone. That’s why I need your help with the words. Give me the raw content that describes who you are and what you offer via the guidelines I provide. I’ll then refine and optimize it for the web, making it work well for your website. We’ll partner to get this done quickly.

Meanwhile, I handle everything else. I’ll install the software, set up the design, choose the right tools, connect Google Analytics, and get your content seamlessly integrated into the website.

Because we don’t rent you a website.

The “free” hosting from those companies isn’t really free. You’re essentially renting a website built on their closed systems. You never truly own your content or design. With me, you OWN your website outright. Here’s why:

Ownership: I build your site using WordPress, which you own completely. You retain control over your content, design, and everything else.

Hosting with Benefits: Your monthly fee covers blazing-fast, secure hosting on a Virtual Private Server. I also update your software, protect your site, and back it up regularly.

It’s About Investment: The one-time payment covers my time and expertise building your site. This saves you hours of labor and frustration. If you ever choose to leave, you take your website with you.

Time Management.

Sure, building a website can seem easy with drag-and-drop tools, but do you really want to spend your time figuring out:

  • How to optimize images for speed?
  • The perfect heading structure for your content?
  • What the heck an alt tag is?
  • How your website will look on different devices?

Is learning web design the best use of your time as a business owner? Or could you be closing deals and serving clients instead?

Your website is a crucial investment in your business – it’s often the first impression customers have. Hiring a professional ensures it’s done right, saving you massive amounts of time and frustration.

No problem.

WordPress is incredibly powerful and grows with your business. Need a blog, online store, membership area, or booking system later on? Your Tiny Site provides the perfect foundation for expansion.

And don’t worry – I have over two decades of experience building large-scale WordPress websites. If your business needs to level up, I’ll ensure a seamless transition to a full-featured website.

Yes…and yes.

I want to host your site for at least 6 months to ensure your initial online journey goes smoothly. Keeping it stable and hacker free and the software and plugins updated.

After the initial 6 month period, you are free to move your site to another hosting platform. But why would you want to?

My WordPress Hosting & Maintenance service includes optimized, high performance hosting, off-site backup of your site’s files and content and regular updates to your website’s software to insure all components are up-to-date and functioning properly together.

Fast, secure, and hacker free.

You never have to worry about a thing!

But if you still decide to move your site to a different host, you’ll need to give me a 30 day notice so that I can help you make that move.

Note that the premium plugins used to build your Tiny Site (Generate Press Premium and Generate Blocks Pro) will go with you but if your Tiny Site uses these premium plugins included with my hosting packages, you’ll need to purchase your own license:

A lot. Similar to living in an apartment versus a home.

Shared hosting is like sharing a crowded computer with strangers – your website’s performance suffers when others use too many resources.

Virtual private servers are like having your own dedicated space. You get guaranteed processing power, memory, and storage – no unpredictable slowdowns. No sharing of common resources or shady neighbors. I know who is on the physical server, because they’re my clients too.

Your site will be faster, more reliable, and easily scalable as your business grows.